Dafran says he’s retiring from full-time streaming

From full-time to part-time streamer, from gamer to... farmer?

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Dafran said today that he’ll no longer be streaming for a living, joking instead that he’ll follow his passion for “farming” into some kind of agricultural study.

Dafran has trolled his audience with drawn-out pranks previously, including false announcements. So take it all with a grain of salt.

In the statement, dafran thanked his fans for the many years they supported him. But he said that because he’d “already spent 1/3 of [my] life in front of a computer,” he felt it was time to begin something new.

The former Overwatch pro said he’ll seek “an education, that has to do with growing fruits, vegetables and etc,” but will still “stream for fun, but rarely.”

Dafran rose to popularity on Selfless Gaming at the end of 2017 in the early stages of competitive Overwatch. Together with Sinatraa, who also recently made a major career change, they altered the way the game was played. Famous for their Tracer and Soldier76 duo, the pair showcased both immaculate set plays and effortless mechanical prowess.

His heart never seemed to be fully in the game, however. He retired from pro play for streaming. Most recently, dafran participated in some VALORANT showmatches.

But surprisingly, he seemed far more engaged in the farming-simulator game, Stardew Valley. It could be that IRL farming is just another natural progression for dafran.

“We only have 1 life to live, do what makes you happy,” dafran added. That’s sage advice, unless it’s all just a troll.