CouRage renews YouTube Gaming contract

He says moving to YouTube Gaming was the best decision he's ever made.

100T CouRage
Screengrab via 100 Thieves YouTube

100 Thieves co-owner CouRage’s exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming has been renewed, he announced today.

CouRage explained that YouTube’s wider variety of video content and growth potential are two of the reasons why he’s staying with the platform. He wants to continue to expand on the types of video content he’s making across his multiple YouTube channels.

In a video released on Twitter today, CouRage revealed his decision to stay with YouTube. He stood in front of a red door, meant to represent YouTube, and a purple door, meant to represent Twitch. He laughed and broke the fourth wall with the camera.

“You guys thought I was going anywhere else?” he said, walking through the YouTube door.

CouRage has been vocal about how much he loves YouTube Gaming over Twitch in the past, so it’s no surprise to fans who have heard him criticize Twitch. Last month, CouRage said during an interview with xQc that he doesn’t miss Twitch, specifically citing the platform’s lack of transparency on suspensions.

But others speculated that CouRage might be enticed to sign with a different platform if the contract paid enough. Some CouRage viewers started to think he had been lured back to Twitch when the creator logged into his Twitch account and wrote “test” in his own chat, a move which turned out to be a red herring.

Screengrab via Twitch

CouRage has been streaming on YouTube Gaming for the past two years, making him the platform’s first creator to sign an exclusive contract for YouTube livestreaming. Since then, he’s been joined by other big-name creators like DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Valkyrae, and Dr Disrespect.

CouRage isn’t the first streamer to bait fans with a possible platform switch. FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS teased fans last month before confirming that he had renewed his contract with Twitch.