CouRage reaches 10,000 members on YouTube

Big numbers for the big man.

Screengrab via CouRage

YouTube Memberships are the equivalent to Twitch Subscriptions, but it is much more difficult to reach massive milestones because some of YouTube doesn’t have all of the same bells and whistles that Twitch does to support its streamers. 

That is why Jack “CouRage” Dunlop hitting 10,000 members on his channel is an incredible achievement that very few streamers on the platform have ever reached. 

“Billions of people use/create on YouTube every single month…” CouRage said. “Only a handful of people have ever achieved 10,000 members on the platform. The CouRageous are now one of them. I genuinely can’t believe this milestone. Thank you for the support.”

Unlike Twitch, which offers users the opportunity to subscribe to a channel for free with Prime Gaming if they have an Amazon Prime subscription, YouTube doesn’t have a similar option. There is also no way for supporters to gift memberships to other users hanging out in a streamer’s chat on YouTube, which has become a staple on Twitch. YouTube is working to add a gifting option next year, but not having one just makes the number even more impressive for CouRage. 

CouRage made the move to YouTube just under a year ago as one of the first streamers to become exclusive on the platform. Fellow 100 Thieves content creator Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofsetter made the move a few months later and the pair have been among the biggest names on the platform in terms of live content ever since. 

The former Call of Duty caster has also amassed 2.88 million subscribers and more than 427 million views on YouTube.