Complexity Limit win World of Warcraft Race to World First, Ny’alotha

They finally beat Method.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Complexity Limit just became the first North American guild to win a World of Warcraft Race to World First in 10 years, knocking off reigning champions Method in the process today.

Limit spent 10 days progressing on the Ny’alotha raid and took out N’Zoth, the instance’s final boss, in 274 attempts. 

Limit’s victory breaks an unfortunate streak for the top North American guild, which previously came in second for all three major races to World First this expansion.

European guild Method won those three races during this expansion, Battle for Azeroth, dating back to the fall of 2018. The one mid-tier raid in the expansion was won by another European guild, Pieces.

Limit have stood strong as the top guild in the U.S. for the past five years, dating back to the release of Hellfire Citadel in 2015, when the guild was founded. Since then, the group has finished every major raid before any other U.S. guild.

This expansion, the group has been pushing for more than just regional success. Striving for World First finishes, Limit regularly held a lead in each major raid but ultimately always ended up being the bridesmaid and never the bride—until now.

The win for Limit marks the first time in about 10 years that a U.S. guild has taken a World First finish. Premonition was the last U.S. guild to get a World First finish when they downed the one-boss raid of Halion in June 2010.

Throughout the expansion, Limit’s growth as a guild has shown in both its play and its organization. In the first RWF of the expansion, Uldir, the guild came in second place, losing out to Method, which chose to break a barrier for WoW raiding by streaming their attempts. 

Before Method’s streams, no team competing in the race broadcasted its attempts, instead choosing to hide their strategies. While Limit continued to hide their strategies in the second tier of the expansion, Battle of Dazar’alor, they altered their approach for the next raid, Eternal Palace. 

Teaming with Red Bull, Limit expanded its business potential as a raiding guild by turning the race into a broadcasting opportunity. They’ve even started to open up their team’s communications for all to hear through their GM Maximum’s stream, making them the first World First winners to do so.

Along with numerous sponsorships the guild has built over the course of the expansion, the guild enlisted the organizational power of a larger esports team conglomerate, Complexity, by joining them under the Complexity banner.

By winning this Race to World First, Limit has shown more than just poise and prowess. The guild’s victory symbolizes its growth over years of competing in one of esports’ fastest growing grassroots-driven competitions.