Complexity-Limit releases broadcast plans for World of Warcraft Race to World First

Let the race begin!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Top North American World of Warcraft raiding guild Complexity-Limit has announced plans to broadcast an event for the race to world first in the upcoming Ny’alotha raid that will include various broadcast talent, as well as five highly-ranked guilds.

During the race to world first (RWF) for the last raiding tier, Eternal Palace, the organization, then known as just Limit, was a part of Red Bull’s RWF event that was broadcast from the gaming sphere in London.

The guild joined Red Bull at the time after the top guild in the world, Method, announced that it would no longer work with Red Bull, instead organizing its own event with TakeTV. 

With Red Bull now out of the picture, Limit, with the support of its new parent organization Complexity, is running its first event in the grassroots competition in partnership with MSI, GameStop, and Twitch. 

Along with Limit perspectives, the event’s broadcasts will feature other top guilds including Pieces, Big Dumb Guild, Fat Shark Yes, and Club Camel. A live broadcast for the event will be held at Complexity’s GameStop Performance Center in Frisco, Texas. 

Complexity isn’t the only group broadcasting the event. As was the case last tier, reigning RWF winner Method is running its own show in the form of a 24/7 stream from TakeTV in Germany. While Method is the main attraction for that event, the broadcast promises coverage of other top guilds like Vodkaz, Vision and Club Camel (which is also a part of Complexity’s event).

The new raid’s mythic difficulty opens up on January 28th for North American guilds. European players typically get access to raid content the following day.