‘Can you say simp?’: Myth shows off YouTube freedom after Twitch departure

"Are we still here? I think we are. I think we're good."

Screengrab via YouTube.com/Myth_YT

Myth had his livestream YouTube debut today, and along with using the occasion to explain his move from Twitch, he decided to take advantage of YouTube’s looser guidelines for words streamers can and can’t say.

Asked if he could say the word “simp” on his channel, the former Fortnite pro did so in the most comical way possible.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, theys and thems, and all inbetween,” he said before rubbing his hands together. “Simp.”

For extra effect, Myth proceeded to get up from his chair and look around his room as though he was fearful of who may have heard what he just said. 

“Are we still live,” he said. “Are we still here? I think we are. I think we’re good.”

Simp is slang that has become commonplace online. It is typically used to refer to men who are overly attentive or defending of women, particularly in hopes of winning their love.

While the term has slowly evolved and is now oftentimes used as a way to describe any person’s defensive behaviors toward another person, its sexually-charged roots led it to become a word deemed inappropriate by Twitch.

In December 2020, Twitch said that “simp,” along with other words like “virgin” and “incel,” could not be used on the platform as insults per the terms of a policy that restricted users from insulting others based on their sexual activity, or lack thereof.

For clarity’s sake, the way that Myth said “simp” would not have gotten him in any trouble on Twitch because he wasn’t saying it about any individual. The word itself wasn’t “banned.” It was only seen as inappropriate when used as an insult.

The underlying drama surrounding Twitch’s sometimes strict rules regarding what you can and can’t say remains a topic worth keeping an eye on as more high-profile streamers leave the platform in favor of deals with YouTube.

For instance, last December, Twitch’s most popular political commentary streamer HasanAbi was suspended a week for his use of the term “cracker,” which was seen as “anti white racism,” despite the Turkish content creator self-identifying as white.