California heat wave forces Dr Disrespect to end stream early

"It is zapping me."

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV may be a tough dude with his mullet and bulletproof vest, but not even that could prepare the Two-Time for the California heat wave.

Despite hating Call of Duty: Warzone, Dr Disrespect decided to play more of the battle royale on Sept. 2. Per usual, his stream started with an intense green screen production before he jumped into the game. He switched to Apex Legends trios and everything was going as planned until the Doc decided to abruptly cut things short.

Four hours into the livestream, Dr Disrespect announced to his viewers that he’d been experiencing “horrible heat conditions” for the past 12 hours. He exited his desktop and decided to address his fans about the heat.

“Yeah, Champs… I gotta call it, man. It’s just way too hot right now. It is zapping me and zapping me and zapping me… It’s continuing to zap me,” Dr Disrespect said.

In the end it was most likely Dr Disrespect’s signature outfit that got in the way of his stream. Wearing a wig in the sweltering heat as well as multiple layers probably isn’t the most comfortable while streaming for hours on end.

While the Doc looked to be struggling with the idea of leaving the stream early, he couldn’t deny the uncomfortable weather any longer. Some fans begged him to stay but Dr Disrespect told everyone to enjoy their weekend, “live life, enjoy reality, which is: we are the best.”

Dr Disrespect told his fans that he will be back to streaming on Monday, giving gamers something to look forward to on the Labor Day holiday.

California has been reaching record-setting heat levels the past week. The heat wave began on August 31, bringing about weather 10 degrees hotter than the usual during the scorching summer months.

Dr Disrespect lives in Los Angeles, where weather reached 96 degrees today. The Death Valley area may surpass 125 degrees, testing power grids. Los Angeles currently has an “excessive heat warning,” so it’s probably for the best that Dr Disrespect changes out of his persona and gets some rest.