Is Dr Disrespect back on Twitch? No, that’s Tyler1 doing a bad impersonation

Top-tier comedy.

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League of Legends streamer Tyler1 is no stranger to goofing on other content creators. This time, he set his sights on fellow streamer Dr Disrespect, taking aim at his signature streaming style.

Doc is an iconic streamer for his over-the-top wrestling-inspired persona, mullet and sunglasses, and high-quality streams. With such a distinctive flair, it was easy for Tyler1 to impersonate Dr Disrespect’s larger-than-life personality. But when it came to recreating Dr Disrespect’s streams, Tyler1 comically fell short.

In an attempt to copy the Two-Time’s high-quality green screen broadcasts, Tyler1 reduced the size of his stream capture to make it look as though he was sitting inside a plane, and then tried to scream a few lines in Dr Disrespect’s voice. The result was quite laughable due to its intense music, accurate yelling, and low-quality special effects.

Many of Tyler1’s fans joked that this was the streaming equivalent to the new Top Gun movie. The low-quality copy was a humorous jab at Dr Disrespect’s streams.

The YouTuber is known for his faux intense productions, which either have him talking in front of a dramatic green screen or talking intensely while over-the-top music is playing. And he does it all while wearing sunglasses and the same bulletproof vest.

Dr Disrespect has never outright said what has inspired his unique streaming personality, but it seems to be a caricature of larger-than-life male celebrities from the mid-90s, like Randy Savage, Ben Stiller, or Don Frye. A blend of action movie bravado and WWE craziness, Dr Disrespect’s dramatic and intense personality has made him one of the most iconic streamers in the world.

Over the years, Dr Disrespect has become a bit more focused on gaming and a bit less concerned with creating over-the-top productions. His older streams around 2017 were a lot more intense and focused on his character, which had some people concerned that Dr Disrespect was getting “lazy” in recent years. But fans have pointed out that it must get tiring playing a character every day for years.