Brazilian Cloud9 streamer gets $1,500 donation and misses alert

“I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

Image via Activision

If unexpectedly finding money in your pocket is enough to make you happy, then you can begin to imagine what Igor “1DrakoNZ” Fernandes felt after realizing he received a $1,500 donation during a Twitch stream.

The Cloud9 streamer and Fortnite pro was in the middle of a match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare when he got the donation. He thanked the donor, completely oblivious to the amount received. His viewers, however, started a flurry of messages to get his attention.

1DrakoNZ only noticed something was amiss after reading the desperate warnings on chat.

“A 6K donate?” he asked, referring to the value when converted to his currency, the Brazilian Real. “I think it’s a troll. Let me open PayPal.”

After confirming the transaction, DK, as he’s known by his friends and fans, was in disbelief.

“6k? Wow, dude, I’m shaking,” he said. “I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

DK’s teammate joked that he wasn’t going back to the game after receiving the donation. DK resumed the stream, but not before taking a break to get a glass of water and process what transpired.

After his stream ended, the pro once again showed his gratitude. “I still don’t believe it, omg,” he tweeted.