Blizzard adds an item tribute for speedrunner DesMephisto in Shadowlands

The WoW streamer will have his feat immortalized in-game.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch streamer DesMephisto, notorious for finding new speed-breaking ways to reach the max level on the retail version of World of Warcraft, has announced that Blizzard Entertainment is introducing an item as a tribute for his feats in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion.

His latest record of four hours and 17 minutes was impressive, inspiring other WoW players to try his route out as they want for the upcoming expansion. The item introduced will be called “Desm’s Fistos,”, plate gloves with a haste, and mastery secondary stat. This is a nod to DesMephisto’s speed to level up so fast and mastery of doing it so well.

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This record which he recently set was not his first record, he broke the last record a couple of days ago. With the WoW 16th Anniversary experience buff alongside the Darkmoon Faire buff, DesMephisto saw a new opportunity to break his previous record and leveled up to 50 almost two hours faster.

This however is not the first item to be introduced as a tribute for a player. There are plenty of community references in game introduced with each expansion to celebrate a Blizzard employee’s or just regular player’s efforts or success within the game.

DesMephisto has become known over the past couple of months for aiming to collect all available plate armor apperances alongside one-handed weapons in the game. He is also notorious for having leveled more than 60 characters to max level alongside setting multiple speed leveling records.

During his streams, he advocates for mental health and has raised thousands of dollars for different charities.