Best real-time voice mods for streaming

Find your new voice with these programs.

Images via Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube | Remix by Cale Michael

Real-time voice modulators can change the frequency, tone, and inflections of your voice while livestreaming to your audience. While many streamers use modulators for comedic effect, there are some practical applications of voice changers.

If you want to maintain anonymity, a voice changer can limit how identifiable you may be off stream. For creators who want to go the route of VTubing, a voice mod can help complete your virtual avatar by providing a unique voice.

No matter the reason, here are the best programs in 2022 for voice-changing effects.

Top real-time voice mods


VoiceMod allows users to create both soundboards and real-time voice-changing effects. While the platform’s Meme Sound Machine is great for generating funny audio samples, VoiceMod is compatible with Discord and other related voice chat methods to use the real-time effect. There are countless pre-existing mod samples, ranging from Rick and Morty to Halo. But the program also enables users to create their own, unique voice effects.

VoiceMod is by far the most popular voice changer among gamers and streamers alike, and it is available for free.

NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer requires a microphone and a communication application, such as StreamLabs, OBS, Discord, Skype, or any other related program. With a more expansive category ranging in the thousands of pre-existing voice options, Voxal Voice Changer offers the most variety among voice mods.

Unlike other voice mod programs, Voxal allows users to save custom voices and toggle the selected options on or off in real-time. If you aren’t looking for a program to alter your voice for any extended amount of time and instead want to add some dramatic effect, Voxal is an excellent choice. The program is also free to use but costs $40 for commercial use.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

This software is preferable for anyone who wants to alter their voice in post-production rather than livestreaming, but it’s capable of both. The application allows users to edit audio files of their own voice or any other participant’s voice. Similar to other programs, however, it can also be used to sync with Discord, Skype, Twitch, Steam, or any other related program to alter your voice in real-time.

As a more formal software that offers a more sophisticated editor, AV Voice Changer Software has an available free trial but costs $49.95 for full use after the trial period ends.