Asmongold vents frustration with sexual harassment in the gaming community

"It's so fucking pathetic."

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Twitch’s top World of Warcraft content creator Asmongold released a video last night praising the numerous individuals who have come forth with their sexual assault stories, adding that the gaming community needs to purge itself of those involved in sexual harassment.

Following a weekend of numerous people in the Twitch and gaming community telling their personal stories about sexual harassment, Asmongold expressed disgust and resentment toward those being accused of sexual misconduct. 

“It’s ridiculous, it’s embarrassing, it’s disgusting, and somebody needs to say something about it,” he said. “I’m glad that finally some of these girls are saying something about it.”

Oftentimes when Asmongold makes a video for Twitter or YouTube, he has some sort of outline that a listener can follow. But yesterday, his emotions seemed to have more control of his statement than anything else.

Spewing a circus of insults at the general assortment of individuals accused of sexual harassment, Asmongold made sure to let people know that many of these claims from over the weekend, if true, aren’t to be taken lightly.

“I’m not talking about some offhanded comment or some failed attempt at hitting on a girl or trying to have a relationship,” he said. “I’m talking about full-on sexual harassment.”

Asmongold isn’t a part of the largely female demographic that’s at a higher risk of sexual harassment. But as a male, Asmon said he couldn’t even fathom acting the way that some of these other men allegedly have.

“This idea would never even cross my mind,” he said. “But these guys, they’re doing it so fucking often, they don’t call it sexual assault. They call it Tuesday, and hopefully with some of them, they’ll be calling it jail soon too.”

Asmon expressed a particular disdain for those who have allegedly leveraged positions of power in the community to make unwarranted sexual advances because he believes that those actions reflect poorly on the entire gaming and Twitch community.

“It’s so fucking pathetic,” he said. “It makes our entire community worse.”

Asmongold’s video was posted shortly before Twitch released a statement of its own saying that the platform takes sexual harassment seriously and is investigating claims that have been made over the weekend with individuals affiliated with Twitch.