Twitch releases statement on sexual harassment amid claims against gaming personalities

Twitch has not yet detailed plans for future harassment prevention.

Image via Twitch

Numerous women came forward over the weekend with claims of sexual misconduct on social media involving members of the streaming and gaming community. Twitch wasn’t necessarily directly involved in most claims, but the platform released a statement last night.

While some personalities involved in allegations were Twitch streamers, other claims involved individuals loosely associated with the platform, eliciting a response.

“We take accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct extremely seriously,” Twitch said. “We are actively looking into the accounts concerning streamers affiliated with Twitch and will work with law enforcement where applicable.”

Taking the statement one step further, Twitch tried to comfort the women who have recently stepped up to tell their stories.

“We’re thankful for the bravery shown by those who have come forward to speak about their experiences, and we are committed to working to make the streaming community safer for everyone,” Twitch said. 

Outside of announcing the investigation of various claims that have been brought forth over the weekend, Twitch has not released any details regarding how it might plan to prevent future incidents of sexual misconduct by those affiliated with the platform.

This statement by Twitch comes following an outpouring on social media from many people who believe that the platform has not done enough to prevent sexual misconduct by those associated with Twitch.