Asmongold promises to create content far into the future following discussions around the end of his streaming career

Asmongold isn't quitting streaming anytime soon.

Images via Asmongold/Blizzard

Asmongold, one of the biggest creators on Twitch doesn’t plan to stop creating content far into the future, despite many fans being worried that his streaming career may be coming to an end.

In a response to a video posted to his subreddit, Asmongold detailed on stream that while he isn’t currently looking at putting his streaming career on pause, there is a possibility that a future break may be permanent. For the time being, however, Asmongold is set on continuing to stream on Twitch, where he has over 2.9 million followers. Even if he does break from consistent streaming, Asmongold promised that creating content will forever be an endeavor he seeks to continue.

“I don’t like writing blank checks,” Asmongold said. “I don’t like saying I’m going to stream forever, I don’t like saying I’m never going to stream again. Do I ever see myself not making content? Not really.”

He told the stream that whether it be creating YouTube videos, taking on a larger role with OTK, or simply cutting back on his streaming hours each week, he will be making content far into the future. He also acknowledged his claim from a previous stream, in which he mentioned that another break from streaming could result in an end to his Twitch career. However, he laughed with comments that compared this break to him “quitting” World of Warcraft.

“I’ve always created something,” Asmongold said, detailing his evolving creative ventures throughout his life. “The way that I find meaning in life, in a lot of ways, is by creating something that is an expression of that meaning, an expression of myself.”

Last year, Asmongold helped to reinvigorate the MMO genre on Twitch outside of simply World of Warcraft. Between Final Fantasy XIV Online, Lost Ark, and other titles, Asmongold acted as one of the major faces in bringing a surge of players to multiple MMOs, with him continuing to venture through these worlds in daily streams.

Asmongold is also a member of the content organization OTK, alongside creators such as Mizkif, Emiru, and Cyr. The organization previously won the award for “best content organization” at this year’s Streamer Awards, hosted by QTCinderella and Maya Higa.

Fans can watch Asmongold via his Twitch stream or through VODs that he posts on his YouTube channel.