Asmongold praises WoW Classic developers, calls them “geniuses”

The popular streamer chimed in on Vanilla WoW’s supreme caliber.

Screengrab via YouTube/CatDany

Popular streamer Zach “Asmongold,” who climbed the Twitch charts after the launch of WoW Classic earlier this week, had nothing but good things to say about its developers, claiming that they’re “fucking geniuses.”

Asmongold’s passion for the MMO showed during his stream yesterday when he praised the developers for their part in WoW Classic.

Asmongold pondered how WoW Classic developers could possibly come up with the illustrious content.

“You know how people are like ‘Man, the Bible is such a good book. It must’ve been written by God,’” Asmongold said. “I think that with Classic WoW. Was Classic WoW divinely inspired? The jury’s still out.”

The streamer also said that certain people may suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect, believing they’re capable of achieving everything WoW Classic’s developers can. He feels, however, that there’s “no way [he] can think that shit up.”

The streamer has benefited from the launch of WoW Classic over the last few days, averaging over 100,000 concurrent viewers and amassing over two million hours of watch time. Asmongold is the top WoW Twitch channel with 85,000 viewers right now.

Tune in to Asmongold’s channel to catch him leveling his Human Warrior.