Asmongold criticizes Twitch’s new plan for mid-roll ads

He wasn't the only one either.

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Fans and streamers alike have are not happy after Twitch announced its plans to trial a new style of ads on the platform.

The streaming platform shared today it would be testing automated mid-roll ads for some viewers. These ads would run during a stream at any time as long as the viewer has not had a recent ad on that channel, and are set up to directly support the creators on the platform.

Despite this, even popular streamers were not on board with the idea including the popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold.

Asmongold first shared the statement by Twitch saying “ I told you guys this shit was going to happen.” He then replied to the tweet offering some feedback for the platform.

“If you want to incentivize streamers to run ads, the worst way to do it is punishing their viewers by forcing ads during potentially awesome live stream moment,” Asmongold said. “Increase ad-free viewtime for running a midroll if you want more streamers to run midrolls.”

Many of the replies to Twitch’s post are concerned fans or creators echoing Asmongold’s words stating that this new style of ad could cause viewers to miss out on potentially big moments within the stream and that they would then have to go back and replay what they have missed.

Fortunately, Twitch has been active in replying to these concerns and has said it is open to change to this policy.