Asmongold cracks down on his community after criticisms over Diablo Immortal stream

The backlash gets a reaction from Asmongold.

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Popular streamer Asmongold has heavily restrained his own community and subreddit following immense criticisms for his Diablo Immortal stream, seen removing multiple threads and banning several users.

The recently released Blizzard game Diablo Immortal has come under intense scrutiny only days after its launch. Highly disapproving of its mobile platform, pay-to-win elements, and other gameplay features, Diablo Immortal has received a cold welcome from longtime Blizzard and Diablo fans.

A Blizzard and MMO veteran in his own right, Twitch streamer Asmongold had his first Diablo Immortal stream on June 3. During his five-hour stream on the game, Asmongold took many opportunities to enhance his character through real-life purchases. Fans were immediately critical of Asmongold’s willingness to throw his money at the game and participate in gambling-like features of the game.

Soon after the stream, multiple threads on Asmongold’s subreddit cropped up condemning the streamer and calling for him to take a step back from the game. Many of his viewers compared Asmongold’s behavior to that of xQc taking gambling sponsors.

On his alternate Twitch account, Zackrawrr, the streamer combed through his subreddit and deleted multiple posts echoing similar sentiments or generally criticizing his recent Diablo Immortal stream. When prompted about the dissent in his community later on stream, Asmongold said “I’ll just solve that the same way I always do, I’ll delete all the threads and ban them.”

This is far from the first time Asmongold has been chastised by his community for what some of them perceive as reckless in-game gambling. Many were equally critical of his Lost Ark streams. Seemingly with a plan in place to completely snuff out critics through bans, Asmongold has given no other response to his community.