Asmongold breaks personal viewership record for second time in less than a week

The king is back.

Screengrab via Asmongold (YouTube)

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold reached over 367,000 viewers on a Feb. 11 stream, beating his previous concurrent viewership record set only three days ago.

After a nearly four-month hiatus from his main stream, the MMO veteran has returned with several Lost Ark streams driving in unprecedented viewership. In his initial return from his secondary stream, Zackrawr, Asmongold was met with over 285,000 viewers. During his nine-hour stream, Asmongold held an average of 194,000 viewers and accumulated over 1.7 million hours watched, according to Twitch Tracker.

Just days later, streaming the same game, Asmongold hit a new peak at 367,000 concurrent viewers. While waiting for Lost Ark to load in after a server launch delay, Asmongold looked over to notice his record-breaking view count. “We hit 300,000 viewers? That’s a lot of fucking people,” the MMO streamer casually said, making sure to remind his massive audience to follow and subscribe (with Twitch Prime). Asmongold even commented that the sheer number of viewers subscribing to his channel was slowing his PC down.

Asmongold’s impressive viewership over the past four days perhaps marks one of the most notable streamer returns in Twitch’s history. The Twitch star and OTK member spoke about both his struggles in maintaining positive mental health and the responsibilities of managing a new esports organization in his frequent streams on his alternate account.

Asmongold’s return helped propel Lost Ark to the top of Twitch’s category list. The MMO only recently saw its Western release. While the MMO has racked up an impressive 31 million hours watched on its own, Asmongold has certainly made up a significant portion of the game’s watch time.

Viewers can now find Asmongold regularly streaming back on his main channel on Twitch.