Asmongold’s return to Twitch helps Lost Ark peak at more than one million viewers

Asmon hit a personal record of 284,644 concurrent viewers after more than four months off.

Image via Smilegate

The Western release of the MMO Lost Ark yesterday created a massive surge on Twitch led by the return of Asmongold, who streamed for the first time on his main channel since last September.

Racking up more than 10 million hours watched on the day, the game peaked yesterday at 1.2 million viewers, according to statistics from SullyGnome. No other game has reached a higher peak in the past two weeks and only Minecraft has had a larger peak viewership in the past month.

Asmongold led the game in terms of viewership with a total of 1.86 million hours watched by himself over the course of 9.25 hours. He averaged 201,446 viewers and peaked at 284,644.

Playing Lost Ark wasn’t necessarily the primary reason for Asmongold’s success, but it’s impossible for a new MMO to enter the marketplace without the most popular streamer in the genre giving it a bump.

Yesterday was the first time Asmongold streamed on his main channel since last September. Asmon is known to take extended breaks from streaming on his main channel from time to time, but this time around, his absence was due in part to the death of his mother, which he has commented on a few times in posts to social media.

His peak viewership following the hiatus broke a personal record for the main Asmongold channel. Previously, his highest concurrent viewer count was in late August 2019 during the launch of World of Warcraft Classic. During that stream, he peaked at 263,720 viewers.