AOC set to play Among Us on stream again with Jagmeet Singh, leader of NDP in Canada

They're trading in business suits for space suits.

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U.S. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) is going back to space—this time with Jagmeet Singh, a member of parliament in Canada and the leader of its New Democratic Party.

The pair will be playing Among Us, one of the year’s breakout games and streaming phenomenon, later today.

While Singh first extended the invitation to AOC, the cross-border crossover doesn’t stop there. The stream’s guests include popular Canadian YouTuber Northernlion and American streamer and political commentator HasanAbi. With at least six more seats to fill on the spaceship, more content creators are likely to jump on board.

AOC’s debut stream last month in an effort to spread voting awareness drew about 439,000 peak viewers, the third most-viewed stream in Twitch history.

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The congresswoman’s digital literacy and engagement efforts through various social media platforms, including Twitch, have seen her garner a sizeable online fan base. She’s played League of Legends, even comparing the MOBA’s infamous toxicity with “right-wing Twitter,” and has previously cameoed on a charity stream for transgender rights.

The stream will start tonight at 6pm CT. Both AOC and Singh will be live on their respective channels.