Anomaly’s Twitch ban lifted early

The Swedish streamer’s channel has been unbanned.

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After receiving a 30-day Twitch suspension for showing an offensive Minecraft skin on stream last month, Ludvig “Anomaly” Lagerstedt got his channel back early.

The popular YouTube and streaming personality excitedly shared the news today in a tweet.

Anomaly thanked Twitch for the shortened suspension and immediately began streaming again.

The Swedish streamer was banned after opening his menu and revealing a Hitler skin on his avatar. Anomaly later explained in a tweet that using the infamous historical figure’s skin was a mistake.

“I had the skin because me and some friends were gonna record a Minecraft video and I was gonna make a little joke about ‘Meinkraft’ and forgot to change back the skin,” Anomaly said.

Despite Anomaly realizing his mistake and changing the skin immediately, Twitch issued a 30-day ban.

This wasn’t the first time Anomaly was banned, having previously gotten suspended for violating Twitch’s Community Guidelines with “hateful conduct.”

The Twitch ban seems to have worked in Anomaly’s favor, however. At time of writing, Anomaly’s average viewership and follower total has drastically improved in comparison to all of his previous streams in July.

Fans can watch Anomaly stream Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft on his Twitch channel.