Amouranth unveils ‘e-girl’ agency plans following OnlyFans retirement

The streamer has even more plans for the future.

Screengrab via Amouranth on Twitter

One of the most popular and controversial streamers, Amouranth, has announced her plans to make an “e-girl” agency to help up-and-coming female content creators find success. This comes just one week after the Twitch star announced her upcoming retirement from OnlyFans to focus more on her business and personal endeavors.

It came as a shock to fans and fellow streamers alike when Amouranth announced she’ll depart from the OnlyFans side of content creation in June. But it appears she won’t leave the scene entirely, with plans to create an agency to help female content creators grow and find similar success to what Amouranth herself was able to find.

Amouranth revealed these plans with a tweet saying her team is “scaling up” to start receiving clients for the agency in “late May/early June.” The massively popular creator also went on to explain the agency’s services in more detail, describing her goal to “streamline” and supply assistants and editors to any content creators who hope to grow.

Amouranth has warned eager fans that before this new “e-girl” agency can get underway, she and her team first have to finish producing Streamer Royale, a new Twitch show that the content creator is a lead producer of.

This isn’t the only big news involving Amouranth recently. The 28-year-old revealed yesterday she earns $1.4 to $1.5 million from her OnlyFans monthly. This makes her announcement to walk away from OnlyFans and that amount of cash even more surprising. This is, however, the same person who purchased a gas station last year, so Amouranth has clearly had business ventures on her mind for some time now.

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