‘I fear for my life’: Amouranth shares disturbing information about her stalker

Amouranth said the stalker moved across the world to be closer to her.

Screengrab via Amouranth on Twitter

Popular streamer Amouranth has shared terrifying details about a streamer that has traveled to her home city in the hopes of finding her.

Amouranth is one of Twitch’s top streamers and spends most of her time in the Just Chatting and ASMR sections on the platform. Outside of streaming to a massive audience, the 28-year-old has made a career out of selling NSFW content through OnlyFans.

Amouranth has shared her experiences with stalkers and creepy fan behavior in the past, but this newest stalker has taken things further than most. In a Twitter thread on her alt account, Amouranth said the man sold “all his worldly possessions, his residence and everything he owns” in order to travel from Estonia to her home city on May 8.

Since then, the stalker has streamed on multiple occasions with titles such as “Find Kaitlyn and make her mine,” according to Amouranth.

Amouranth worries he may take more “drastic” measures as he begins to run out of resources by spending nearly a month in a hotel in her city.

“The reason I’m taking this so seriously is because he has professed that he has sold all his worldly possessions, his residence and everything he owns to make the trip and he’s wracking up a MIGHTY bill on his charge card,” Amouranth said. “This set up doesn’t give him any outs… so as he depletes his resources and doesn’t have any options here and I fear for my life and that he might do something drastic.”

Local law enforcement is apparently aware of the situation, but Amouranth said they cannot act yet. Regardless, Amouranth urged fans not to report his account if they come across it because it provides her “valuable intel for my well-being/peace of mind.”

Stalkers and other creepy interactions with fans is an unfortunate reality for many streamers, particularly women. Pokimane, for example, recently discussed a “scary” incident in which a stalker found her address, walked around her neighborhood, and tried to convince her roommate to let him see Pokimane.