Amouranth buys part ownership of a 7-Eleven

Amouranth has a second gas station to add to her growing portfolio.

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Twitch content creator Amouranth has purchased ownership in another gas station, she announced today.

This news comes just a few weeks after her first gas station purchase on Nov. 10, where she bought a Circle K. Amouranth now has quite the diverse gas station portfolio since her latest purchase sees her own about one-fourth of a 7-Eleven, according to her tweet.

The price tag on the 7-Eleven is significantly higher than her initial gas station purchase, coming in at approximately $10 million, according to the content creator. Amouranth boasted that the gas station is located in a highly-populated metro area near a highway. The Twitch streamer also specified that this was a syndicate deal, meaning that she had multiple business partners go in on the massive purchase with her.

This likely won’t be the last big purchase coming from Amouranth, either. The Texas-based entrepreneur hinted earlier that she’d announce another purchase that she had already made. Shortly after announcing her investment in the 7-Eleven gas station, Amouranth clarified on her personal Twitter account that this wasn’t the purchase she had vaguely alluded to.

On her alternate account, Amouranth has gone in-depth on both her personal and financial reasons behind her sudden entry into the gas station market. Amouranth has shown that while “no one buys a gas station to look fancy or flex,” they’re potentially lucrative cash flow positive investments.

Given that Amouranth said after her first purchase that this wouldn’t be a “one off” acquisition, it seems likely that the Just Chatting streamer will continue to make investments outside of her main digital platforms.