All Hyper Scape Memory Shard locations

Are these fragments from the past or the future?

Image via Ubisoft

Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s unique battle royale game, was fully released on Aug. 11.

While the developer was busy fixing bugs and ironing out the shortcomings of the game during the beta, the launch and the start of Hyper Scape’s first season brought many in-game changes and new dragons to chase.

In addition to new guns, CrownCast events, a battle pass, and a player reporting tool, Memory Shards were scattered around Neo Arcadia, Hyper Scape’s map. These shards act as narrators that shed light on the story of Hyper Scape and Prisma Dimensions. Each shard can be found during a regular Hyper Scape match and contain “an image and lore fragment” that tells players more about the game’s characters.

Some shards will also include stories about the events that will occur throughout the current season. Ubisoft will be adding a new Memory Shard to be discovered by players every week.

Players can access the shards they pick up through the hall of champions.

Where to find the hidden Memory Shards Hyper Scape

At time of writing, there are only two Memory Shards available in the game. We’ll be updating this article each week to feature the new shards that Ubisoft adds to the game.

Location No. 1 – Memory Shard 1.1

The first Memory Shard is probably the easiest one to find so far. It’s located in the Tora Garden, which is just below Red Tiger, the center of the map. It’s one of the hottest points of interest in the game, so you’ll need to hurry to pick it up quickly and get out.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Once you land in Tora Garden, head toward the middle of the enormous triangular monument and the shard will be waiting for you there. You’ll need to interact with the shard to pick it up. You can also ping it for your teammates if you’re playing with a team.

Location No. 2 – Memory Shard 1.2

It takes a good eye to spot the second shard by yourself compared to the first one because it’s well hidden.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The second shard is located around Unity Hill. This landmark is placed right in the middle of M.O.N.A. and Limelight toward the top of the map. As you make your way up from the back alleys of Unity Hill, you’ll notice a building with orange windows and doors that are actually glitching. You’ll want to approach this building from the east, which is where the red door that hides Memory Shard 1.2 is located.

Location No. 3 – Memory Shard 1.3

The third Memory Shard became available with the second week of the first Hyper Scape season. Memory Shard 1.3 is relatively close to the first one, and it’s located in ZeroG-2.

ZeroG-2 is slightly above the middle part of the map. Look toward the right upper corner of Red Tiger and make your way to the landmark while landing.

The Memory Shard is on the second floor of the platform-shaped point of interest. Jumping directly to the tower should help you collect the Memory Shard as soon as the game starts. While it’s possible to make your way to the location after looting, you may end up being a target while getting to the second floor since there isn’t any reliable cover.

Location No. 4 – Memory Shard 1.4

The third week of the season introduced another memory shard hidden inside the Hyper Scape map.

Memory shard 1.4 requires players to visit the bottom left corner of the map and you’ll need to plan your landing carefully for thins one.

The shard’s located on the south skyscrapper inside the T-LOOP landmark. It’s on the top level, meaning that you’ll need to land on it when the game kicks off. 

The location’s height makes it a rather safer routine compared to the previous memory shards, but you should still hurry in case other players show up to collect the memory shard.

Location No. 5 – Memory Shard 1.5

The fifth Memory Shard took its place on the map with the fourth week of the season. Unlike Memory Shard 1.4, the fifth shard is located closer to the ground and doesn’t require you to jump around the top of skyscrapers.

Memory Shard 1.5 can be found in the middle of an apartment complex between The Line and Archway. It’s the last square building compound toward the left upper side of Food Court, and the Memory Shard five will be waiting for you under one of the umbrellas right after you climb up the stairs.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Since the shard is quite out in the open, be mindful of players who may be trying to use the shard as a bait. Hurry up while picking up the shard and loot yourself a weapon just in case.

Location No. 6 – Memory Shard 1.6

The last two memory shards were hidden in plain sight, which made securing them a bit dangerous, especially toward the end of a game. The sixth Memory Shard, on the other hand, was hidden cleverly in an alleyway behind the Throne Room.

Like other shards, we recommend landing in this area from the get-go since it’s on the map’s extreme right edge. Rotating for the shard later will be challenging since the decay usually hits similar places first.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Once you pass the Throne Room, head over to Emporium and keep an eye on the stopped metro train. You’ll want to land next to it. After touching the ground, you should notice a circular doorway located toward the end of where you landed. Get inside and make a quick left turn to pick up Memory Shard 1.6.

Location No. 7 – Memory Shard 1.7

The sixth week of the latest Hyper Scape season introduced the easiest Memory Shard to pick up if you don’t count the first one. You’ll need to visit the very edge of the right-bottom corner of the map this time around.

After flying past Archives, you should notice a plain alleyway. The jump pad located on the sidewalk will be the hint that you’re in the right place, and the seventh Memory Shard will be right next to it.

Picking the Shard up will get you one step closer to whatever Ubisoft is cooking for the players.

Location No. 8 – Memory Shard 1.8

The seventh week of the season has rolled out and you’ll need to go to the top left corner of the map for the eighth Memory Shard. This could be slightly time-consuming for players who are just collecting Memory Shard 1.7 since the two are quite literally placed on opposite sides of the map. We recommend leaving the match right after you pick up one of the shards since rotating to the top of the map will be a difficult task.

You’ll need to fly past “Limelight” and make your way toward the purple buildings that you should notice as you get closer to the ground. Land at what looks like a movie set with purple neon lights on the floor and look around the corners. Memory Shard 1.8 will be in front of a director’s chair.

While the Shard is located outside of the busy landing spots, it’s still in an open space and there could be other players trying to use it as bait. Make sure to hurry up after you pick up the Memory Shard and loot some weapons.

Location No. 9 – Memory Shard 1.9

The eighth week of the season rolled out with excellent news since the ninth Memory Shard is just a couple blocks away from the eighth one. If you’re just getting started on collecting these fragments, the closer they are to each other will be better.

Memory Shard 1.9 is located toward the top-middle part of the map in Unity Hill. This one isn’t hidden in plain sight, so you’ll need to stretch your legs a bit. Land toward the small pools and you should notice it around the right of Unity Hill.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Location No. 10 – Memory Shard 1.10

Once you’re on the ground, move toward the lower section of the building complex where you just landed and look for a door that’s glitching with red lights. Step inside and make your way toward the end of the corridor. Make a turn to the right when you reach the final room and Memory Shard 1.10 will be waiting for you on top of a small staircase.

If you’ve just picked up the ninth memory shard, stay right where you’re since the tenth memory shard will only be a couple of steps away from you.

The Memory Shard 1.10 is located in Unity Hill’s entrance and should be waiting for you in front of the second set of stairs that appears after you climb up the first one. Unlike the past couple of Memory Shards, this one’s quite out in the open, and you may need to watch your back while picking it up.

We recommend looting up a little if you notice anyone going for the Memory Shard to ensure you can continue to your match after adding it to your collection.

This article will be updated as Ubisoft adds more Memory Shards to Hyper Scape.