Alinity throws her cat on stream, faces Twitch community backlash

She's had similar interactions with her cats in the past.

Image via Twitch

Twitch Apex Legends and IRL streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon is facing community backlash after throwing her cat while streaming last night.

She was playing Apex when her cat jumped either on her lap or desk. She gets angry for a split second, calls her cat’s name, then grabs it to throw it back over her head. It’s impossible to hear any sounds after that because the game audio is loud enough to cover any noise in her room.

Fans on the Livestream Fails subreddit were shocked and said they were reporting Alinity for what she did. Even though there’s nothing in Twitch’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines specifically mentioning animals and pets, some fans seem to want her punished on the platform for animal mishandling also based on past streams where she interacted with her cats.

A month ago, she put a sticker on the mouth of both of her cats in a livestream multiple times. Both cats got scared that the object was covering their face and tried to take the sticker off while Alinity laughed at their reaction. On another occasion, she gave that same cat a little sip of vodka off her mouth, and the cat tried to spit it out shortly after.

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Part of the Twitch community was worried about both of her cats’ safety after last night’s episode and alarmed by the way Alinity was being rough with her cats to produce content for her stream.

Nothing has happened to Alinity’s Twitch channel yet, however. It’s still live, but some of these clips are unavailable there and have been uploaded to other video services. Alinity has yet to publicly comment on the backlash.