Alinity joins Evolved Talent Agency

Evolved already reps top creators like xQc.

Screengrab via Alinity

Evolved Talent Agency announced today that it will begin representing popular female Twitch streamer Alinity.

Most known for controversies surrounding the treatment of her pet cat on stream in 2019, Alinity has racked up 2.36 million hours watched on Twitch with an average of 2,336 viewers in the past year, according to SullyGnome.

Just Chatting is the category Alinity has spent the most time in over the last year. With 485 hours streamed in the category, her next most-streamed content is Apex Legends. She’s played the game for 276 hours in the past year.

Along with streaming on Twitch, Alinity posts content to YouTube and OnlyFans. The only long-term sponsor that Alinity has displayed on her channels is gaming chair brand Secretlab.

But today, she’s doing a sponsored stream for cryptocurrency exchange brand Atom Asset Exchange (AAX).

Alinity joins a portfolio of content creators represented by Evolved that includes xQc, the Botez sisters, Sweet Anita, and QTCinderella, among others.

Dot Esports reached out to Evolved for comment on who inside the agency will represent Alinity. This article will be updated if the agency responds.