AGDQ 2020 kicks off today

Let the games begin.

Image via Games Done Quick

This year’s Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) is officially underway, with hundreds of speedrunners and games on the horizon—all in the name of charity.

Throughout the next week, GDQ will be live on Twitch non-stop, doing speedrun after speedrun in hopes of its generous community sending money to help good causes.

This year’s event, which kicked off with a Hat in Time, is already off to a good start with over 40,000 dollars made in its first few speedruns. It still has a long way to go though to beat the record set by Summer Games Done Quick 2019 for a single event, in which the organizers made over $3 million dollars in a week.

Granted, donations are usually slow. Based off of the average donations from previous years, AGDQ is likely to at least raise two million dollars come next Sunday for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, an organization that helps in the early prevention and detection of cancer.

AGDQ ends on Jan. 11 with the popular game Super Metroid. While the event is live, there will be something for everyone. Fans can check out the full list of games, as well as when they will be going live, from the event’s online schedule.