A streamer created a goose suit to use as a controller in Untitled Goose Game

Honk! Honk!

Image via House House

Untitled Goose Game has surged in popularity since its release last month. Players control a goose hell-bent on pestering the inhabitants of an English village. One fan found a way to truly embody the bird, however.

Twitch streamer Dylan “Rudeism” Beck revealed a goose suit on his broadcast yesterday that functions as a controller.

The “controller” is voice-activated, allowing Rudeism to honk his way into the villagers’ hearts. The New Zealander also engineered a set of flippers that move the goose when he waddles, as well as motion-controlled wings that flap when he waves his arms.

Rudeism’s suit isn’t exactly foolproof, though.

Voice-activation means that the slightest sound can alert villagers of the goose’s whereabouts. An untimely sneeze cost Rudeism his hiding spot in a box and a villager quickly took it away while the goose made its escape.

Even though this is Rudeism’s greatest feat, the streamer is known for creating unique controllers to play games with. Rudeism recently used a guitar controller to play Rocket League, as well as a “giant-ass-gun-with-legs” for Borderlands 3‘s alternative shooting mode. The streamer also asked fans for controller ideas for Apex Legends’ newest character, Crypto.

Fans eager to see Rudeism honk and waddle his way through UGG can tune into his Twitch channel, where he streams regularly.