2 Forsen emotes removed by Twitch for “obscene content”

The emotes violated Twitch’s Emoticon Guide.

Image via Twitch

Streamer and former professional Starcraft II player Sebastian “Forsen” Fors is the latest content creator to violate Twitch’s ambiguous Terms of Service.

The streamer informed fans on his stream today that two emotes were removed for not adhering to Twitch’s Emoticon Guide.

The two emotes, forsenDiglett and forsenChraken, seemingly promote obscene content and breach the guidelines.

“Apparently, according to Twitch, it’s some dude strangling some dude,” Forsen said. “I don’t know some weird shit. I don’t know how they can see that. It doesn’t look anything like that… we have to find another emote.”

Screengrab via TwitchMetrics

The emotes appear to depict a man with a hand around his throat, seemingly strangling him. If this is the case, then the emotes would be in direct violation of the platform’s obscene content policy.

“Obscene content, such as extreme or gratuitous depictions of violence, blood, gore, severe injury, and death,” according to the Emoticon Guide.

Forsen isn’t the only streamer who’s had trouble with emotes. Streamer and speedrunner SHiFT had his Spongebob emote rejected by Twitch for using “imagery of sexual content or nudity.”

The emote shows animated character Spongebob Squarepants with his pants ripped, exposing his tighty-whities.

To watch Forsen stream, and perhaps help him create some new emotes, fans can tune in to his Twitch channel.

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