Stranger Things star David Harbour admits that even he cheats in Starfield

Maybe Starfield can get a Stranger Things collab like Fortnite?

A ship flying toward a planet in space in Starfield.
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It’s no secret that opinion on Starfield has been mixed, but one movie star doesn’t care and proudly shares their love for Bethesda’s space RPG. That person is Stranger Things star David Harbour.

You might recognize him as Hopper from the show, or Alexei from Black Widow, but that’s not what Harbour wants to talk about, he just wants to share how much he loves Starfield—despite being a cheater.

“I loved it! I mean, it’s been controversial as a game as well right?” Harbour said to IGN about Starfield in an interview shared on Nov. 14. “There’s a lot of controversy around Bethesda but I have to say, Bethesda games, there’s something about them they’re just so rich, and that world.”

The actor then continued to admit that, yes, like most of you, he also uses console commands and cheats to level up his character, get rich, and commit crimes in space. We can’t blame him, modding and cheating are some of the most fun you can have in Starfield.

While we haven’t had a chance to see Harbour’s character in the game, he assured IGN that no, his Starfield avatar does not look anything like he does in real. Instead, he insists his character is young and handsome.

Starfield has had its fair share of criticisms since launch so hearing some praise from a star like Harbour is refreshing. We all know the Bethesda team can use it after missing out on the Game of the Year nomination we were all expecting.

It’s been months since the game launched and while most players are probably through the majority of their time playing the game, the modding community continues to give gamers a reason to come back and journey through the stars.

If you want to give Starfield a try the RPG is available now on Xbox and PC.


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