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In Starfield, players travel through the galaxy in search of new cosmic discoveries for Constellation. Along your travels, you’ll come across mysterious Artifacts tied to the main story. What is their purpose, and how can you find them all?

Here are the locations where you can find all the Artifacts in Starfield.

Why are the artifacts important in Starfield?

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At the beginning of your journey, you’ll come across mysterious Artifacts at various times that show you visions. These artifacts are items with mysterious powers sought after by multiple factions you meet in Starfield.

Most of the Artifacts you find are tied to the main quest line, which are the quests given to you by Constellation. But there are some Artifacts found in random locations too.  These Artifacts may not be found in the same place for other players, or even during a new game plus playthrough. There are 24 Artifacts to find in Starfield.

As you find more Artifacts, you’ll gain powers. These are abilities that can give you an edge in combat situations, so it is worth the effort and time to search for them while undertaking quests.

Artifacts found during the main quest in Starfield

To start searching for Artifacts, you’ll need to play through the main story of Starfield up to the Into the Unknown quest. This will progress the plot far enough for you to begin obtaining powers and opening up new locations where Artifacts may be located. In addition, you’ll also be able to find the temples that are related to the Artifacts you find and unlock their powers.

These are the locations of every Artifact you can find while finishing quests.

AlphaAlready owned by Constellation at the start of the story.
BetaFound during The Old Neighborhood quest in Maoro’s ship
IotaFound in the Deep Cave after meeting with Andreja during the main quest line
ZetaRandomly found during the Into the Unknown quest at a point of interest
ChiObtained when completing The Empty Nest quest
NuFound during the All the Money Can Buy quest
ThetaFound in a random location after completing the Starborn quest and during the Further into the Unknown quest
TauFound in a random location after completing the Starborn quest and during the Further into the Unknown quest
PhiFound during the No Sudden Moves quest in The Scow
SigmaCan be found during the Barret side quest Worlds Apart, but only after finishing In Their Steps quest and becoming friendly with Barret.
OmicronFound during the Final Glimpses quest on a random planet location
LambdaObtained after completing the Entangled quest
PsiFound in the NASA Facility during the Unearthed quest
MuFound in the buried temple during the Revelation quest

Artifacts obtained from characters in Starfield

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As you get closer to the end of the main quest, you’ll have an opportunity to gather more Artifacts from specific characters. Depending on who you side with or become hostile towards, you’ll receive certain Artifacts.

This will happen during the quest Revelation and will be split between The Hunter and The Emissary. You’ll want to interact with both characters before finishing the quest, whether you choose to talk to or fight them.

The Artifacts you can obtain from The Hunter during the quest are as follows:

  • Delta
  • Epsilon
  • Gamma
  • Kappa
  • Upsilon

The artifacts you can obtain from The Emissary during the quest are:

  • Omega
  • Rho
  • Pi
  • Xi

All the powers you get from Artifacts you gather can be carried over into a New Game Plus save file. If you manage to find every Artifact on your first playthrough, you’ll keep all the powers tied to your character and won’t have to search for the Artifacts and temples again. 

You will still have to find any Artifacts tied to the main Starfield story as part of the objectives, but you’ll already have their powers.


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