Nintendo shows off new hairstyles coming to Splatoon 3

New cosmetics are always appreciated.

Image via Nintendo

New hairstyles are coming for Inklings and Octolings in Splatoon 3, the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account shared with fans today to build up the hype for the release later this year.

Nintendo has been slowly increasing the hype for the release of Splatoon 3, showing new weapons, new music, and new stages since its initial announcement. Character customization could not be left out.

Players will be able to customize their characters with more diversity than in previous iterations of the games with the arrival of these new styles. It is important to note that no styles are gender-restricted. Whether an Inkling Boy or Girl, all looks will be available, the only restriction to worry about is whether the character is Inkling or Octoling, as the “tentacles” are different for each of them.

Splatoon 3 will have a single-player campaign, just like Splatoon 2, called ‘Return of the Mammalians’. The game will take place in the new locations of Splatsville and Splatlands. The Salmon Run co-op mode will also be back.

Nintendo has been slowly releasing information about Splatoon 3‘s new maps, weapons, and gear ahead of the game’s September 9 release date. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the new title would include all previous basic weapons from the series. A new sub-weapon, the Angle Shooter, was also unveiled. 

Players will be able to participate in classic Turf War battles and face off against enemies around the world for real in ranked mode. The game also promises the return of Salmon Run co-op and a variety of new accessories to keep your Inking looking fresh in battle.