Where to get Cutting Edge Material in Saints Row (2022)

It's up to you to move fashion forward.

A large neon futuristic building with a sign that says Cutting Edge
Screengrab via Volition

In Saints Row, you’re always representing your gang when you’re out in Santo Ileso, so you’ve got to make sure that you look your best. You could always hit up the closest clothes shop and hope they have something good, or you can completely change your look with the Cutting Edge materials. While players are introduced to this early, they won’t unlock any until they reach Empire level three.

Here’s all the information you need to know about Cutting Edge Materials and where to get them in Saints Row.

How to get Cutting Edge Materials in Saints Row

A screenshot from Saints Row showing the Cutting Edge banner for a fashion company
Screengrab via Volition

You’ll first need to invest in the Cutting Edge Fashion Foundry Venture to get Cutting Edge Materials. You’ll unlock this new business when you upgrade your Criminal Empire to Tier three. You’ll need multiple ventures, with at least a few completed. This will unlock the tier three businesses, including Cutting Edge, costing $400,000.

Once you’ve unlocked Cutting Edge, you’ll see new icons with the business’s logo on your map. If you hover over the icon, you’ll get a description of what you’re looking for with a few clues. Head to the icon and follow the clues to find a specific object you need to take a picture of with your phone’s camera.

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Once you’ve found the object and taken the picture, you’ll be notified that you’ve unlocked the new material. You can then use the material to customize your clothes, guns, and vehicles. That’s all you need to know about where to find Cutting Edge Materials in Saints Row.