When do air vehicles unlock in Saints Row? (2022)

You just gotta make space for the landing pad.

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One of the best parts of the last few Saints Row games has been the ability to roam the map from the skies at one’s leisure. In those games, however, the player either had superpowers or was already at the top of the criminal food chain. In 2022’s Saints Row, the player is a fledgling boss with very few resources at their disposal. It takes some time before they have the resources for air vehicles.

Here’s all the information players need to know about when air vehicles unlock in Saints Row.

How to unlock air vehicles in Saints Row

A stone helipad with garbage on it in Saints Row
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The player won’t unlock The Church’s helipad until the player has progressed through Neenah’s storyline up to the point where she seeks revenge for what her previous gang took from her. In the mission where she enacts that revenge, called “The Forge,” the players will unlock their first air vehicle. It’s a helicopter that was used by tourists to shoot things in the desert. Surely something like that wouldn’t be of any use to a burgeoning criminal enterprise, right?

In all seriousness, this helicopter isn’t a bad first option for an air vehicle, as it has rockets and machine guns that prove devastating when used during “The Forge.” If you want to fly around something else, players can unlock more helicopters by finding them in the world and landing them back on the helipad right beside The Church. This is where you’ll land and customize the different air vehicles that you want to keep.

At first, the only vehicle that players have access to is the tourist attack helicopter, but more will unlock as you play more and more missions. As The Saints grow in resources, so will their roster of vehicles.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock air vehicles in Saints Row.