What’s new in Saints Row (2022)?

There's so much to do.

A mural of an angel with a gun in each outstretched hand
Screengrab via Volition

This year’s Saints Row is hitting the reboot button on the franchise, introducing players to a new generation of The Saints. As the boss of this new organization, the player will learn how to make money and improve themselves so that the gang can prosper. Volition has made some big changes to the way this game works, including adding new activities and a collectible system.

It seems that the developer wants to provide the player with plenty to do but at their own pace. Here’s all the new stuff that can be found in 2022’s Saints Row.

Everything new in Saints Row

Towing Cable

A red sports car on big tires is pulling a smaller black car via cable
Screengrab via Volition

This new vehicle feature is a big focus in the Missions and Ventures, allowing you to drag vehicles or objects across the map. Using this for a mission usually means having a large wrecking ball swinging behind you at all times. It’s arguably the new feature that gets used the most with many different missions or activities relying on the tool.

Criminal Ventures

A map showing different districts in Santo Ileso with businesses placed in different purple shaded districts
Screengrab via Volition

Every organization needs a way to make money and Ventures ensure the Saints are getting paid from many avenues. You’ll complete different Ventures by doing their activities and getting rid of the competition or threats in the area.

Perk and Skill System

The character is looking at the Skill screen on their phone with different abilities in different positions
Screengrab via Volition

Skills are shown on the phone app and can be earned by leveling up your character up to level 20. At any time you can equip the active skills to the D-pad or 1-4 keys. Passive skills are always active and grant you extra resources. Perks are unlocked by completing challenges shown in the Mission app. You have to buy the associated slots before you can equip after the first perk.

Furniture Collectibles

A screen showing different blacked out collectibles and unlocked ones showing what the item actually is
Screengrab via Volition

Throughout Santo Ileso there will be objects that emit a blue wave glow and can be collected as furniture for The Saint’s home base, The Church. There are three different-sized collectibles, plus walls, and players will find the different items by either following clues in the Collectibles app or just while walking through the game’s world.

Wanted App

A character stands on a balcony in the sun looking at an app on their phone showing a target for paid murder
Screengrab via Volition

Murder for hire has never been easier, with anyone being able to place a hit on their enemies with just a few taps on the phone. The player is able to work as a hitman in their spare time and kill anyone unlucky enough to end up on the app.

While this list is likely not everything new in Saints Row, it gives an idea of how Volition chose to revamp its systems for this new entry.