All Criminal Ventures in Saints Row (2022)

It's a living.

A screenshot from Saints Row showing the Shady Oaks hospital with a doctor on it
Screengrab via Saints Row

The new Saints Row tells the story of a fledgling gang leader eager to create an organization that stands above all others in the city. To do that, the leader of the Saints will need to make a lot of money, and probably not in a legal way. Throughout Saints Row, the player will create new business Ventures and maintain them to make lots of money.

The Criminal Ventures usually involve the Boss investing a down payment into a vacant lot around Santo Ileso. This will create one of the 14 businesses in that lot, and you’ll be tasked with doing different tasks around the map to maintain and grow that business. Completing these objectives and getting rid of threats increase how much you earn from this business.

All of the Criminal Ventures in Saints Row include:

  • Bright Future: This toxic waste dump lets you charge corporations disposal prices while depositing the waste in town.
  • Castle Kraken: This castle will work as your base during the LARP portion of the game, providing you with a stronghold to defend against marauders.
  • Chalupacabra: Conquer the drug trade in Santo Ileso while selling quality food to the citizens.
  • Eurekabator!: Work with your own personal research and development team to create new items that will help you take over the city.
  • First Strike Dojo: At this business, you’ll be able to train your gang in the art of battle, providing them with the skills to defend your organization.
  • Cutting Edge: You’ll find new materials that your own personal fashion designer will turn into new cosmetics for your cars, weapons, and outfits.
  • JimRob’s Garage: JR is a buddy of yours from your old Marshall days, and he needs help finding specific cars for their parts.
  • KAKTS Radio: If you’re tired of your enemies calling for backup, consider working with this business to intercept their calls.
  • Laundromat: Committing crimes can be a messy business, so people like you will need to be there to clean it up.
  • Let’s Pretend: Let’s Pretend has many things like masks and supplies for parties and armed robbery, so the player will help them with heists.
  • Planet Saints: This clothing brand is the only semi-legit way your business can make money, so steal competitor trucks to stock your stores.
  • Shady Oaks: If you’re a fan of insurance fraud, you can jump into traffic and take advantage of those corporations.
  • The Big One: The Saints are in the weapons trade, and the Boss will need to show off the quality of the merchandise to their enemies.
  • Wuzyerz Repo: This business allows the player to repossess items across the city by attaching them with a towing cable and then taking off into the night.

Each of these Ventures can provide hours of fun with all the objectives around the map. Some higher-tier businesses take a while to unlock, but it’s possible if you keep growing your Cash account.