When do Rocket League ranks reset?

Ranks come and go every season.

Image via Psyonix

There’s a reason why each ranked season is a new opportunity for players who are looking to prove themselves on the pitch. Most players will focus on increasing their ranks throughout a competitive season, but you’ll always be able to start fresh when the next season rolls around. Ranks in Rocket League reset with each new competitive season.

It isn’t a complete reset, however. You’ll need to play 10 placement matches before you unlock your new rank, but the system will consider your past performances while calibrating your position. This means that these rank resets aren’t considered as hard resets, and your hidden MMR and past matchmaking history will still play a role.

Depending on your performance through the calibration matches, you can unlock a higher rank than your previous one or a worse rank if you were having a bad day. If you’re looking for a specific date for the next ranked reset, you should check out the end date of the active season.

Most Rocket League seasons last around three to four months, so if you remember the start date of the current season, you can also do the math to guess when the next rank reset would occur. And if you don’t, the in-game counter on the Rocket Pass tab will tell you exactly when the new season is scheduled to release.

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It’ll be essential to bring your A-game when the new season kicks off since you won’t be able to redo your calibration matches. Getting as many wins as possible should be the ultimate goal if you’re hoping to get a higher rank since the next chance you’ll get at doing your calibration matches will be in the next season.

If you happen to get the same rank or a few tiers below your old rank, you should have nothing to worry about since you’ll have plenty of time to move up the ranked ladder throughout the season. You can also rank up your Rocket Pass while you’re enjoying the new ranked season, unlocking new cosmetics and rewards in the process.