Rocket League’s Llama-Rama event is live with double XP

Players can get Fortnite's Battle Bus as a reward.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League‘s latest event is live. The Llama-Rama event is part of a collaboration with Fortnite and has a special reward in stock for players who complete five challenges: Fortnite‘s Battle Bus as a playable car.

The Llama-Rama event changed how players obtain limited-time rewards. Instead of gaining an exclusive currency (such as candy corns or snowflakes) after each match and using them to acquire new items, the Llama-Rama event has five specific, clear-cut challenges. Completing each goal will give out a specific cosmetic, and accomplishing all five yields the big prize: the Battle Bus.

The challenges aren’t particularly complicated and it’s likely a matter of time before players breeze through the whole list. The objectives have a handful of prerequisites, however, that involve using specific Llama-Rama cosmetics.

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The prizes aren’t confined to Rocket League; completing a challenge will also yield exclusive rewards in Fortnite, including a spray and an emoticon. Both titles are only available for newcomers on the Epic Games Store, but Legacy Rocket League players can still access the game on their platform of choice.

To give players extra fuel, Psyonix is also hosting a double XP weekend, granting fans even more progression through their levels and their Rocket Pass. The double XP weekend will also take into account the updated Daily Win bonus, which gives players extra experience on their first three wins every day.