Rocket League player scores impressive goal from inside opponents’ goal

Anything is possible in Rocket League.

Image via Psyonix

A Rocket League player scored a goal from inside the opponent’s goal by using a well-timed boost and impressive movement. 

In a clip shared to Reddit yesterday, the player attempted to score from the center of the field but slightly overshot and hit the wall above the opponent’s goal. The ball was still centered, but they were inside the goal and could not reposition for another attempt. Their teammates were also still far away, so the player was forced to take matters into their own hands. 

The player drove up the backside of the goal and slowly launched themselves towards the ball. Once they were just outside of the goal they boosted themselves towards the ball and scored as their opponents tried to prevent the goal. The player secured their team’s lead and likely hindered the other team’s morale. 

Most players have a tough time scoring regular goals and can only imagine pulling off a maneuver like this. The player admitted that it was one of the best shots they have ever scored, and it “probably won’t ever happen again.” 

Some players have tried to troll their opponents to psyche them out and score easy goals, but this can easily backfire. Players are better-off learning strategies like in this clip to outshine their opponents in matches.