RLCS X Championships to debut new format with switch to regional finals

RLCS X Championships will determine the best in the world.

Image via Psyonix.

After Psyonix and the Rocket League Championship Series pivoted their format for the 10th competitive season, they will still have a world championship event, but with a slightly different format. The RLCS X Championships are set to run from June 15 to 20, with several notable changes compared to previous years.

Rather than a singular world championship event done in previous seasons, RLCS X will culminate in a set of regional tournaments that will crown respective champions in North America, Europe, South America, and Oceania. With these regional events comes a new format aspect: best-of sets. In a best-of set, a team will have to win multiple series to win the set. In a best-of-five set, for example, a team will need to win two best-of-five series out of a possible three.

In Oceania and South America, the two top teams from each region will meet each other in the Championship finals. The winner of the best-of-seven set for each region will be the champion of their respective region. In North America and Europe, six teams from each region will compete in a bracket, with higher-ranked teams earning a further along starting point.

The typical $1 million prize pool will be split between each region, with the NA and EU regions each fighting for $400,000, while Oceania and South America each fight for $100,000.

A return of a world championship for Rocket League esports in any form is a welcome sight to the fans and players, who completely missed out on a world championship for Season Nine. Season 10, or Season X, switched up its format to an open circuit, with seasonal majors for each region serving as the qualification method for a world championship.

The first matches for European and North American play for the RLCS X Championships begins on Tuesday, June 15.