Psyonix details Rocket League Goals For Change tournament format

Beyond the Summit and Psyonix will host the event on March 24.

Image via Psyonix

As part of Psyonix’s plans to celebrate women within the game’s community during Women’s History Month, the company is working with Beyond the Summit to host a new event, Rocket League Goals For Change. 

Goals For Change is a casual tournament featuring women from North America and Europe playing matches to “give back to the causes that are important to the community.”

With BTS running the event, the first-of-its-kind Rocket League event will run on March 24 in two big programming blocks on the official Rocket League Twitch channel. The EU regional play begins at 12pm CT, immediately followed by the NA bracket, with both using the same format. 

Each region will feature four teams playing in a round-robin format using three different game modes: Hoops, Rumble Dropshot, and Boomer Ball. 

The higher a team places in the round-robin bracket, the larger percentage of the prize pool they get to donate to their organization of choice. In total, both regions have an individual prize pool of $14,500, with the top finisher getting $10,000 to donate. 

Here are all of the teams that will be competing in the event. 


  • Powerpuffs
    • Captain: Ravena
    • Amphirae
    • Emma
    • Sub: Cloudy
  • Guyana Pigs
    • Captain: Miramasa
    • Cailee
    • Lunaris
  • Team Smile
    • Captain: ThatsVix
    • Sophie
    • Crimson
  • At Least We Tried
    • Captain: reginchen
    • Caro
    • EmsJ


  • Boomers
    • Captain: Karma
    • Kate
    • Kiaa
  • Sideflippers
    • Captain: tailliebird
    • Kira
    • Widow
  • Resident Sleepers
    • Captain: Courtney
    • Kaciedilla
    • Angie
  • The Muffin Women
    • Captain: Avenger
    • Bella
    • Neato

You can learn more about the each region’s broadcast, other content that will be included during the event, and more on the official Rocket League website