Haunted Hallows returns to Rocket League tomorrow with Ghostbusters items and 2 LTMs

Who you gonna call?

Rocket League is getting spookier tomorrow with the 2020 Haunted Hallows event. The celebration runs between Oct. 20 and Nov. 2 and will bring two returning limited-time modes and a handful of Ghostbusters-themed cosmetics.

Getting new cosmetics is a fairly simple process. All it takes to unlock the Ghostbusters collection is completing a few event challenges. Clearing each objective awards one specific item and completing the full set of challenges will yield the entire limited-time collection.

Completing the challenges isn’t a hard task, either. The requirements range from using Quick Chat commands to getting MVP in matches, depending on the items involved. Getting clears, saves, goals, and assists also unlock a handful of items from the Ghostbusters collection. The full list of challenges is available on the game’s official website.

The challenges seem to be independent of each other and can likely be completed in any order. It’s an advantage over the previous event, Llama-Rama, where players were forced to equip rewards from each challenge to complete the next in the set.

Event challenges can also yield Golden Pumpkins, a free loot box that will contain items from the Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator Series. Items from previous Haunted Hallows events will be available for a limited time in the Item Shop. Ghostbusters items, such as the Ecto-1 battle car and the Stay Puft goal explosion, will come back to the Item Shop as the first licensed DLC items to return after Rocket League became free to play and started selling DLC items exclusively through the in-game shop.

Psyonix revealed the Item Shop schedule ahead of the event. The Ecto-1 will be available between Oct. 21 and 22, while the Stay Puft explosion will be in the shop between Oct. 23 and 24. Items from previous Haunted Hallows events will return after that, starting with the Ectoplasm universal decal and followed by a Titanium White variant of the Demon Disc wheels, the Vampire Bat, and a Crimson version of the Reaper Goal Explosion between Oct. 29 and 30. Each item will stay in the rotation for two days.

Players can also indulge in two returning limited-time modes for the duration of the event. Haunted Heatseeker is a version of the famous limited-time mode that takes place in the new Haunted Urban Arena, while Spike Rush will take place in night-time versions of the maps. Haunted Heatseeker goes live alongside the event, while Spike Rush kicks off on Oct. 26 and runs until the celebration ends.

The 2020 edition of Haunted Hallows will go live tomorrow at 11am CT and ends at 8pm CT on Nov. 2.