Ubisoft to give out 25 percent more Renown in Siege for 24 hours

It's a compensation for issues with Ubisoft services.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players can dive into the game for a Renown boost this weekend. Ubisoft is giving 25 percent bonus Renown in Siege for 24 hours starting today at 3:30pm CT. It’ll go live on all platforms.

“Following the degradation yesterday, there will be a 24-hour 25 [percent] Bonus Renown event in-game,” the official announcement reads. “Degradation” is Ubisoft’s blanket term for issues with its services and can have a wide range of causes.

Last night, Ubisoft detected that Siege hackers were using a cheat to kick players from matches and quickly deployed a hotfix. This is likely the “degradation” that the company mentioned in its announcement.

Giving out extra Renown is a common procedure for Ubisoft whenever there are significant issues with its services. The company has handed out Renown boosts on several occasions that range from network issues to outright DDoS attacks.

Players can take the chance to spend Renown Boosters for an even bigger payout since they reportedly stack with the bonus. It’s an opportunity to save up ahead of Siege‘s Operation Steel Wave, which is now live on the Test Server.

Steel Wave will add two new operators, Ace and Melusi, to the game. Ace is a hard breacher whose gadget feels like a mixture of Thermite and Hibana. Melusi, on the other hand, is a stealthy defender who can slow enemies down. The duo should reach the live servers in mid-to-late June, going by Ubisoft’s schedule, but will be available exclusively to Year 5 Pass holders for their first week.

Operation Steel Wave will also drop the price of Nokk, Warden, Alibi, and Maestro when it hits the servers. The two Italian operators will cost 15,000 Renown each, while the duo from Phantom Sight will see their cost drop to 20,000 Renown.