Ubisoft releases Rainbow Six Siege hotfix to address cheat causing players to be booted from games

It's a temporary bandage but a quick response nonetheless.

Image via Ubisoft

It seems like Ubisoft is stepping up its communication game. The Rainbow Six Siege team pulled the trigger on a hotfix today that dampened the impact of a cheat that causes players to be kicked out of lobbies.

This is a temporary duct tape fix, however, and not a permanent solution. The cheat remains in play while Ubisoft investigates the issue.

Ubisoft has come under fire recently thanks to a #SaveSiege movement led by G2 Esports’ Pengu, one of R6‘s most popular players. The Dane recently released a two-hour video critiquing the game as well as the company behind it.

It isn’t all doom and gloom with Pengu, though. He’s been just as swift to dispense praise when he saw the need to. The pro said Ubisoft “had a habit of not acknowledging these problems” and that the community should “show appreciation” when the developer is quick to address issues.

Ubisoft has big plans ahead for R6‘s esports scene as well with a newly-structured European league due to kick off on June 22. Featuring 10 teams with prominent organizations like Rogue, Virtus Pro, G2, and Natus Vincere in the fray, Ubisoft promised that the viewer experience will be similarly overhauled with “new types of content” that expands the coverage of matches.