Ubisoft connection issues are preventing Siege players from trying new game mode

The playlist doesn't appear for some players.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft connection issues are causing some players to not have the option to select the Golden Gun Arcade mode in Rainbow Six Siege. The mode will only be available through Monday, March 23, so fans are missing out on precious time to try out the new mode.

Ubisoft confirmed that it’s aware of the current issues and is working on a solution. The connection issue is causing the Golden Gun Arcade playlist to not appear for some players and seems to be affecting all platforms.

The Golden Gun Arcade mode was added to Siege today and introduces a unique mode to the game. Players are equipped with a golden D50 that kills enemies with one shot instead of knocking them down and providing a chance for teammates to revive them. Players can still use their favorite operators and gadgets, but this doesn’t play as big of a role as it does in regular matches.

This isn’t the first time Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft have had connection issues. Ubisoft confirmed that DDos attacks were a major issue a few months ago and took legal action against the parties responsible. Fans have experienced problems for months that caused ranks to drop due to abandoning matches, but the problem has been reduced throughout the last couple of months.

Players still have three full days to enjoy the limited-time mode. Ubisoft will try to fix the issue soon and let players experience the exciting new game mode.