Rainbow Six Siege’s Golden Gun Arcade event brings a one-hit kill game mode

One shot, one opportunity.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a limited-time game mode for this weekend. The Golden Gun Arcade equips players with a unique version of D50 pistols, but with a twist—they kill with one shot.

The modified D50s will kill any target with a single bullet, skipping DNBO entirely. To offset the extra firepower, the weapons only have one bullet in the magazine. Miss the shot and you’ll be forced to retreat or take cover behind a hefty wall. The guns are outfitted with a gold, inlaid skin, which gives the game mode its name.

Players can still use their operator’s unique gadgets and grenades, but operator choice doesn’t matter as much as it does in the base game. The arcade mode seems to reward stealthy play and tactics such as peeking or ambushing.

For Attackers, Ying and Dokkaebi could prove to be handy picks. Ying’s Candelas can flash enemies long enough to get the kill, while Dokkaebi may be able to hack enemies’ cellphones and give out their positions. Lion and Jackal could also help the team with their intelligence-gathering gadgets, while Nokk may be able to ambush enemies.

The defending team may benefit from a few different operators. High-mobility operators like Oryx can be on the move to surprise opponents from different angles and even from above. Roamers such as Caveira and Vigil can gain a positioning advantage and strike from a well-positioned spot. Teams can also opt to use Echo, Maestro, or Valkyrie to increase their surveillance capacity, but should stay away from Doc and Rook. The one-hit kill nature of the mode negates the utility of their unique gadget.

The mode is available from today through Monday, March 23. For this weekend only, Ubisoft is also giving out a 50 percent Renown bonus for PC and PS4 due to issues that affected the platform over the past weekend.