Rainbow Six Siege to give 50 percent bonus Renown on PC and PS4 this weekend

Ubisoft is compensating for issues that affected the game last week.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players should get ready to grind. Ubisoft announced that matches will give out 50 percent extra Renown this weekend—but only for select platforms.

The Renown boost is compensation for connectivity issues that plagued PC and PS4 players last weekend. An official post by Ubisoft mentioned “matchmaking and missing end-of-game rewards” on March 13 and 14.

To compound the tragedy, another forum post mentioned “an issue currently affecting connectivity” for all platforms on March 15, just one day after Ubisoft resolved the previous problem.

The cluster of issues harmed Siege players last weekend. The server instability forced disconnections, MMR loss, and even in-game sanctions from abandoning matches. Some players reported a 24-hour ban from matchmaking and losing hundreds of MMR points.

A tweet by Ubisoft Support said that “Support is unable to affect match history or ranking. This includes abandon sanctions.” This means players were forced to wait out their temporary bans. Ubisoft hasn’t revealed if it plans to compensate players for the MMR loss or if the Renown boost is its only remedy.

The three-day event kicks off at 8am CT on Friday, March 20 and lasts until 8am CT on March 23. Players can take the opportunity to grind Renown and acquire the recently-released operators, Oryx and Iana, from Operation Void Edge. The two characters made their way to the servers last week and are now available for purchase for all players.