The best weapon attachments in Rainbow Six Extraction

In life and in game, attachments can improve your quality of life.

Image via Ubisoft

In Rainbow Six Extraction, each of the 18 operators have their own unique weapon loadout consisting of a primary weapon and a sidearm. As players progress with each operator, they will unlock different weapon selections including assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, large machine guns, and more.

Each weapon has customizable attachments, letting you switch out the sights, the barrel, and/or the grip. There isn’t a massive amount of attachment options, but we’ve still found the best choices available. Here are the best weapon attachments in Rainbow Six Extraction.


The suppressor is the most useful of all weapon attachments in Rainbow Six Extraction, and thus is the default attachment for most operators’ primary weapons and sidearms. With enemies able to send out pulses that alert others and wake up nests, stealth is a necessary key, especially if you’re playing solo.

With the suppressor attached, you should be able to get headshot or weak spot kills without other enemies noticing, providing they are not looking directly at you or the Archaean you’re shooting at. This should be your go-to barrel in most situations.

Vertical Grip

The vertical grip is the other common default option for primary weapons, and for good reason. Vertical grip decreases a weapon’s recoil, making the recoil pattern easier to control.

For moments where you need to spray down a tougher enemy like a Smasher or the Apex, having that extra amount of control over your spray is vital to landing shots.


If you need a little more kick, then taking the compensator over the suppressor is something you should consider. The compensator removes the damage reduction caused by the suppressor, and also reduces the recoil spread over time when rapid firing.

Like with the vertical grip, this is ideal for when you’re taking on tougher enemies at higher difficulties. But be warned; without the suppressor, you’re more likely to alert other enemies and set off nests from firing.

As for sights, there’s really no objective best option since it comes down to personal preference between reflex, red dot, and the holographic sight.