All enemy types in Rainbow Six: Extraction

Lots of enemies.

Image via Ubisoft.

In Rainbow Six: Extraction, you’re not taking on your fellow operators like you would in Siege. Instead, you and up to two other operators will take on a new, evolving alien threat known as the Archaeans.

There are a grand total of 13 different types of enemies, ranging from the basic tier-one Archaeans up to the more advanced and deadly Proteans. Here’s a list of all the different enemy types you will face in Rainbow Six: Extraction, starting with the easiest of the bunch.


Grunts are your standard, most common enemy type. They only have a melee attack, but it still packs a punch and they can sprint towards you once they’re alerted. Like other enemies, they will send off a signal pulse if alerted, which attracts other enemies and wakes up nests.


The Spiker is the basic ranged enemy type. He will fire a series of projectile spikes from his arm, and will also cover his face while doing so. You’ll have to wait until he’s done firing to get a headshot, or you can spray him down with a small number of torso shots.


Breachers are easy to spot with their bright red glowing backs. Those sacs contain explosive fluid, and the Breacher will detonate on contact or when he gets shot. The explosive fluid also deals damage to other enemies and nests around them. If you kill a Breacher without detonating them, you can still detonate them after.


The Bloater is essentially the toxic version of the Breacher. It also explodes on contact or when shot, but it leaves behind a toxic gas cloud that lingers for a while.


The Rooter is a four-legged enemy that can fire a ground-covering substance that damages and immobilizes enemies. Naturally, the Rooter is especially dangerous when fighting a large wave of enemies, since it can effectively freeze you in place.


A Sower is one of the peskier enemies in Extraction. It walks around on all fours with an armored head and shoulders, making it harder to kill. The Sower also leaves little flashbang mines and will jump an operator after they’re blinded.


The Lurker is a stealthy enemy that can make itself and Archaean allies invisible. The Lurker will use his invisibility to try and flank you. A melee attack or explosive attack will reveal the Lurker’s weak spot by peeling back its head armor.


The Smasher, as its name would suggest, is a large heavily armored tank that will charge operators and smash them to bits. Characters like Sledge can use their abilities to stun the Smasher, or you can have one player distract it while the others attack from behind to reveal the weak spot.


The Tormentor is a very dangerous Archaean capable of dealing lots of ranged damage, absorbing a ton of damage, and using the Sprawl to move around without taking more damage. Using operators with stun abilities or equipping stun grenades is vital to taking on a Tormentor.


The Apex is the toughest enemy of all the standard Archaeans. He has a projectile that deals damage and blinds operators, and he can spawn enemies while rapidly moving around the map. Focusing on an Apex during a fight is an absolute must, otherwise the fight will never end.


Proteans are extremely powerful Archaeans that have adopted the form of different REACT operators, taking on their abilities in uniquely terrifying ways. The Smoke Protean fires poisonous gas containers and makes use of a deadly shotgun. The Alibi Protean can generate duplicates of itself. The Sledge Protean is a deadly melee enemy with a ton of armor upfront.